Thursday, April 26, 2012


Screenwriter's Colony alumna JENNY DELLER has a story to tell and won't sit still until she gets it out. 

There has been a lot of buzz about her new film, FUTURE WEATHER, playing next week at the Tribeca Film Festival, in May at the Santa Cruz Festival, and in June at the Nantucket Film Festival. FUTURE WEATHER is her debut film, but not her first attempt at capturing this story.

Two years ago, Deller made a three-minute short, SAVE OUR FUTURE. This film is the story of a thirteen-year-old girl, Lauduree, who expounds on the question, "What does our future mean to you?" She intertwines issues of natural environments and domestic stability, citing facts about population control. "The world doesn't have room for all your crap,” she says, while tossing out her mother's clutter from the bathroom. Composed in the style of PSA, the movie is the girl's opportunity to reach out to her mother, sharing her concerns about the future on a scale as large and grandiose as the sustainability of the world and as small and intimate as their mother-daughter relationship.

The piece was done as a companion to what eventually would become a longer story. Lauduree returns in FUTURE WEATHER, as obsessed about ecological disaster as ever and still struggling at home. Her mother has now run off and Lauduree is forced to take her life to her grandmother's house. She returns to the question, "What does our future mean to you?" Maybe this time she will get an answer. To check out the trailer, click here.

The FUTURE WEATHER project is not over. To support the film's distribution feel free to visit Deller's kickstarter page here.

To check out the short SAVE OUR FUTURE embedded here:

Save the Future from Jenny Deller on Vimeo.
(Post written by Dana Rachel Eckstein)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


There's more to look forward to than just sun this summer. The Nantucket Film Festival just announced this year's lineup -- with Screenwriters Colony mentors and alumni in the mix!

Long-time Colony mentor ALISSA SHIPP, who has produced for This American Life Films since 2006, is Executive Producer of Mike Bribiglia and Ira Glass' SLEEPWALK WITH ME, just announced as the centerpiece film. The movie follows the struggles of a bartender trying to handle a new career in stand up comedy and his too-serious girlfriend all the while dealing with a sleep disorder that makes him act out his dreams.

Also on the program for NFF, is FUTURE WEATHER, the project of Screenwriter's Colony alumna JENNY DELLER. The film tells the story of a young teenage girl, stuck with her grandmother after her dreamer mother abandons her. Her obsession with ecological disaster forces them to think about their futures.

Running from June 20-24, 2012, the Nantucket Film Festival will include 37 features, 4 Quebec Cinema sidebar films, and 31 shorts. Passes are on sale and tickets go on sale May 24th. If you want to peek at the program, you can see the list of films here.

And if you can't wait to see FUTURE WEATHER? Not a problem! Future Weather is also playing the Tribeca Film Festival this Sunday April 29th. You catch the movie and stay for a discussion after the film with writer/director Jenny Deller, Producer Kristin Fairweather, and actresses Lili Taylor, Amy Madigan, and Perla Haney-Jardine. More info here.

(Post written by Dana Rachel Eckstein)